Implemented project

  • Data gathering and processing

Service monitor (Monitoring automation of corporate data processing IT-services)

The software package monitors the systems performance in real time, and promptly reports to technical support about failures in software products and web applications.

Using Service monitor, you can reduce the incidents response time in the service infrastructure. Also, module of advanced analysis eliminates the recurrence of incidents in the future Service Monitor presentation

Презентация Service Monitor

Data acquisition system

The main function of the system is the registration of various kinds of data via a mobile device. The main bonus is replacing a hard copy log with a tablet.

Data entry takes place on a mobile device in the structured questionnaire template with further transferring information to the server with the subsequent data processing. Data storage administration and questionnaires configuration are available on the server through the Web-interface.

EMS (Energy Management System)

The idea of the project is implementing technical and software infrastructure to monitor energy consumption - electricity, water, gas.

Technical part consists of taking indications from sensors located inside the customer's infrastructure, their post-processing and further analysis. Flexible system settings make it easy to integrate it into any customer topology.

The system allows us to estimate the distribution of energy consumption within a set of consumers and allows us to calculate such key production parameters as the equipment efficiency, consumption of the various energy resources per products ton and so on.

Experiments automation system

The system is a hardware and software package to automate the animal feeding process and collect primary information about the weight of eaten food

The main task of the project is integrating of ready hardware components (door, scales, and camera), measuring parameters and transferring of information to the database for further analyzing.

The solution can be useful for automation and information gathering in the pet nurseries and livestock farms.

Remote research system

The system is a software package for remote experiments. In the particular project, information is collected the animal feed intake at home (home panel) and structured data are transfer into a single database for further processing.

The solution can be used to collect any statistical information from geographically distributed data sources. Information entering can be both manual and automated.

KPI visualization

The project "KPI visualization" was implemented to interpret the data coming from production servers, their processing and presenting in the digital and graphical form, for example, on the monitor screen in the company's office.

The source can be a database or any device that allows you to get data through the interface. The visual part can be implemented both as a separately custom designed web-interface and ready-made visualization software like PADS4.

  • Business process automation

TMS (Transportation Management System)

The system is designed to manage the transportation chain for companies that do not have their own fleet of vehicles. It covers all the processes from Order placement to Payment during all the participants interacting - warehouses and transport companies.

Transport costs are generated taken into account basic freight, downtime, overrun, etc. This can be done either manually or through an electronic auction system.

The system is integrated with the customer's ERP system to transmit basic information about transportation, cargo, cost and billing. In addition, system has a number of service functions that are fully adaptable to the customer's business requirements.

SharePoint based projects

We have implemented several portal solutions on SharePoint and SharePoint 365 components to automate internal business processes customers.

The solutions cover business areas such as People Management and Research & Development. Some of the projects included transferring historical data from the legacy Lotus Notes platform.

There is an experience of integrating solutions with customer’s internal systems (either directly, or with use of the intermediate solution from the Qlik company).

Remote staff timesheet

The idea of the project is to collect data on the personnel working at distributed facilities In fact, the project is the entry of working hours per project (electronic timesheet).

After that, these data are received in the company's main accounting systems for further processing.

A number of settings and restrictions have been implemented to streamline data entry for increasing the level of control over personnel.

Access Control System integration

The project supposed integration of out-of-box ACS solution (access control system) into the customer's current infrastructure

The developed solution allows real-time data synchronization between the ACS database and the internal personnel management system.

Bank e-payments

At the request of the housing and utilities management company, a solution was developed for the implementing citizen's utility payments through the company's website.

The functionality of the system provided citizens accounts management using the following functionalities: inputting counter readings; calculating utility payments; payment and viewing payment history.

  • Economic safety

Perimeter (Information and Analytical System, IAS)

The system allows to collect structured and unstructured information on legal entities from various sources, both from external (gateways) and from internal storage, link it to the existing customer database for further processing.

The IAS has a semantic structure of information management, which allows to automate the definition of hidden relationships between objects, to conduct a sequential search, considering the revealed hidden relationships.

The system allows to form various internal documents (statements, reports) based on the collected information.

Counterparties Creditworthiness Assessing System

The system allows to analyze information on legal entities both from open sources and from data sources provided for a subscription fee in order to assess the reliability of the company's partners.

The obtained information is displayed in a structured form, and is used to calculate various financial ratios, including the construction of company financial solvency index. Standard accounting forms are available.

The system is a cloud service. Up-to-date and historical information can be accessed on request via the Web-interface and can also be transmitted to the client's internal systems via the API interface.

  • Sales Management

OMS (Order Management System)

The system is used to automate the work with the company distribution network. The main functions: price lists management; stocks control, quotas and credit limits management; order placement the and receipt confirmation; sales report

Besides, the system add-in is the VMI module (Vendor Managed Inventory), which performs the classic function of such systems - the order creation based of operational and historical data.

There is a set of interfaces for interaction with the supplier's ERP system.

Sales Volume Distribution

The system allows to distribute the company whole sales volume by geographically distributed shipment points (Distribution Centers)

The input information is the global sales forecast by region, as well as the customers (distributors) allocation by shipment points. Weekly information is adjusted on the basis of actual sales data.

The system can be integrated with the ERP system of the supplier.

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