"Smart-Com" is a Russian company, whose main profile is specific (to order) software development, as well as software products integration into the customer's IT-infrastructure.

About us

Our customers are large International companies and Russian government agencies.

"Smart-Com" today is a team of highly qualified specialists’ to be capable of solving problems of the highest complexity.

Our customers get not only a software product, but also, a high-level service, during the project stage and after the implementation.

The combination of a number of factors allows us to occupy a competitive niche among IT companies:

Our team  —
is the main value

Staff Qualifications

The core of the company is a group of professionals united by a common idea.

Our key personnel have a rich relevant experience on previous work. Succession, knowledge transfer and individual development are the postulates of «Smart-Com», allowing us to adhere to this principle.

Our quality —
is the customer's trust

Quality Commitment

The measure of the solution success, along with the project cost and timing, eventually has become the quality of the implemented product.

To ensure the proper services or software quality is the ability of a company that implements tools controlling the quality at all stages of activity: during development, testing or further support.

Confirmation of this principle is the GOST ISO 9001-2011 compliance certificate received in 2013 GOST ISO 9001-2011

Partnership —
is a guarantee of joint development

Customer Attitude

We are aware that the key to our existence and development is a loyal attitude of the customer.

And to achieve a loyal attitude to yourself you can only build a long-term customer trust cooperation relationships.

So, during the period of the relationship, we adhere to this principle.

Our efficiency —
is the key to success


The ability to compete in the cost of services is one of the key advantages of the company.

Often, this option becomes critical when you initially select a provider. Two factors have a key influence on the cost of services formation – labour cost and efficiency.

The geographical location allows us to keep the level of wages below the level of Moscow, and, using of internal processes tools automation, allows us to implement this principle.

Our innovation —
moving forward


Information technologies are the most dynamic areas of economy activity.

The evolution of new principles, methods and environments for software development (and at the same time extinction of the old ones) dictates the need to constantly be "on the crest of a wave."

It allows us to offer our customers a modern and unique software product.

Adherence to this principle gives us the right to present ourselves as a modern high-tech company.

We create effective IT solutions in different business areas